How it all began

 P alos Verdes Hills Nursery School is a parent participation school founded in 1953 and established at its present site in 1958. This unique cooperative institution is owned and administered by participating parents who desire greater involvement in their children’s first school experience. Our school is based on the idea that the best education for a child is the active partnership of parents, teachers and children.

Palos Verdes Hills Nursery School is a nonprofit corporation and is governed by the general membership through a parent-run Board of Directors.

A member of the California Council of Parent Participating Nursery Schools, P. V. Hills is among the first preschool programs in the United States to be accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs. The Academy, a division of NAEYC, recognizes early childhood programs which meet national standards of quality.

In February 1963 the publicity chairperson submitted an article to the LA Times describing the founding of the school. You can read more about those early days here.