Parent Requirements

Succes through cooperation

We have found that the success of a parent participation nursery school depends directly upon the time and contributions offered by every family in the school. Upon enrollment, each member is given a detailed handbook outlining the specific areas of cooperation and the following basic requirements:

  • Children starting school in September must be three on or before December 2nd.
  • A parent is required to teach a minimum of 15 days per year. Typically, a parent will work at the school twice a month; no siblings permitted.
  • A parent will be assigned a weekend (approximately 4 hours of work) in which they'll be responsible for cleaning and general upkeep of the school.
  • Two monthly meetings are mandatory for one family representative:
    • 5 General Meetings - held in the evening on the third Thursday of the month.
    • Teacher/Parent Meetings - held one afternoon each month.
  • Sixteen total service hours, of which four hours must be performed at a work party.
  • Participation in the publication of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Directory - requires six to ten hours of work per year.
  • Tuition is due on the first day of school in September and on February 1st.